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Cougar dating has become a popular trend these days where older women are seeking and reaching out to younger men. With so many free cougar dating app, it is easy to look for like-minded people and when it comes to dating, age is just a number. There are millions of single, hot and attractive cougars around the globe interested in meeting and dating younger men and likewise lot of men are also interested in finding older women to date. The cougar app is best way to find someone to date, start a casual relationship or have fun with without wasting much time.

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Why to use Cougar Dating Sites?

Well, in real world it is not easy to find cougar unless you get lucky but free dating apps is the place to browse through millions of cougar profiles. It is not very easy for younger men to appeal older women in day to day life and it is also not possible to identify if the older women would be interested in dating or for a casual relationship. It is best to use the dating sites as there are millions of older women out there looking for younger men to start a fling or start a conversation with. For men who have eye on older women, using the dating apps reduces their effort to find their perfect match.

Cougars prefer online dating and do not mind going for a casual relationship with younger men because they are busy and are not able to commit in serious relationship. Most of the women on best app for meeting cougars are successful, independent and ambitious and trying hard to make their career. There are women who love younger men for their energy and carefree attitude and using the online dating option helps them find lot of men interested in older women. The dating sites have so many options to browse from and it is easy to find someone you will be compatible with. The free dating apps are easy and convenient to use and gives enough time and space to break the ice before actual meeting.

Features of Cougar Dates App

The cougar dating app for iPhone and others has many features that make it extremely convenient for users. It is one of the best platforms which help people to mingle and break the ice before meeting with its great features. The features are user friendly, convenient and loved by most of the users of the cougar dating app.

  • Chat – One of the best ways to break the ice with prospective date is to start a chat. The dating app gives individuals the chance to initiate chat and start talking before actually setting up the dates to meet.
  • Picture share – Create your profile and share pictures. The kind of pictures you share creates an impression, so make sure you post a good and impressive picture.
  • Dating Tips – One of the best feature of this free cougar app is it provides various dating tips for cougars and men. The dating ideas are unique and shared so that you can do something different on your first date.
  • Voice Messages – The Cougar dating app enables you to exchange voice messages which are one of the best features of the app. The features enable one to start a personal connection with prospective date.
  • Filter Search – There are many cougars across the globe who is seeking for younger men around their location. With the help of location finder, one can find prospective dates around them who are compatible and good.
  • Finding theatres – Movie date for meeting for first time is not a bad idea. After finding your date, you can find the movie theatres near the location and book a movie date.

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Customer Service

The free cougar dating app has excellent customer care and support service with 24 x 7 services. The customer service and support ensure that any doubt related to payment or app related query is instantly solved. However, for any feedback or query you can also write to them and the customer support team will ensure your doubt is cleared as soon as possible.


The app can be used and registered for free and the basic features like profile creation, chatting, messaging, uploading pictures etc. are available for free. However for better features and more filtered search, one needs to make payment for subscriptions. The packages or subscriptions are one month, three months, six months or a year.

Active Members

The free Cougar dating app as the name implies is for cougars seeking for finding companion in younger men. As well as it is also for men who love the idea of dating older women. Most of the women who are part of this app or registered on this app are older including singles, divorcee, retired professionals, young cougars etc. The main idea of the dating site is to help cougars find younger men and vice versa without wasting much time.

The app has millions of profiles of beautiful, attractive and successful cougars seeking for younger men to date or start a relationship. The app also lists millions of profiles of men who want to date older women. There are so many options in the dating app and with so many profiles to choose from, you definitely are to find someone who is like minded and ready for a casual or maybe prospective serious relationship.

Privacy Policy

In dating apps, one of the most important aspects is privacy policy because the user information needs to be protected. The app does not provide any personal information to any third party and the policies are very strict. While registering the user needs to provide certain information but that information is not given to anyone and is heavily encrypted. For subscription holders, the payment can be made through various modes and the information is protected through secured encryption system. All the information is protected and the privacy policy is very strict.

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