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Free cougar dating is exciting and amusing for the cougars as well as the younger men. A cougar app is one of the perfect places for older women who look to build no strings attached type of sexual relations with younger men. Young men worldwide are interested in cougar dating as it comes along with no added on headaches in most of the cases. People who meet each other via free cougar dating app are very clear with their intensions and this makes them very kind towards each other. This makes their relation hassle free.

Many may consider this kind of a relationship between men and elderly women, but for the lot that doesn’t there are various applications available to lead a carefree and happy dating life. Cougar Life is the best app to meet cougars. Cougar women love to lead a carefree and passionate life with the younger men who satisfy their needs. With platforms like the cougar dating apps they come across many such members having a similar mindset. Even the divorced or widowed women can indulge in casual dating and start offering themselves fun and frolic. They can easily meet men with loads of energy who can help them develop romantic interests all over again.

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  • Easy To Use – This free cougar app is a user friendly one. Members get attracted to the app because of its easy to use interface. It takes almost 30 seconds for a new user to create an account on the app for themselves and start the hunt to find the perfect one. So the solution to all the stress in life can be sorted within seconds by creating a profile and fixing up a date.
  • Easy To Find Matches – With millions of users and millions of profiles worldwide you can easily find yourself a perfect match within weeks, days or even a time span of a few hours. Members have attractive profiles with photos and interesting personal details to gain maximum limelight and this proves to be the best way of finding a perfect match suiting your desires and needs.
  • Find a Date Tonight – Once you make an account and put up your best photos and other alluring details about yourself, within minutes you may start getting attention from a lot of members around. Some may interest you as well and soon a conversation may begin and the sparks may even initiate to blaze with a couple of the users. In such a case you can always set up a date and ask the other member out for drinks or dinner or a movie date as per your choice. With a perfect date you can always find reasons to thank the free cougar app. 
  • Private Photo Exchange – Photos add on so much to online dating. Without these pictures finding a match would have been extremely difficult. On this cougar app the women and men cannot just upload photos to enhance their profile. But it also enables you to exchange pictures with each other while chatting on the app itself. This feature of the app makes chatting hugely interesting as one can share various pictures and talk about related stories.
  • Chat And Connect – Chatting facility is available for the members of the app. Once the match making is done one can kick start a conversation and explore the other person. Talk about their likes and dislikes, interests and social lives and later decide if they are willing to take the relation ahead. Chatting gives certain clarity to people and owing to this the app provides the members a fair chance to chat and connect with their partners.
  • Exchange Gifts – Unlike so many other online dating apps, this dating app provides an extremely different and unique feature of sending gifts to each other. You might just like someone very much and want to gift him or her flowers or an outfit to wear for your first or following dates. The app makes it really easy. Exchanging gifts has really worked to gather a lot of good reviews for the app, as it stands to be a commendable and unique feature.
  • Priority Messaging – Most of the free dating apps provide the chatting and messaging facility but this app in particular provides the facility of priority messaging. At a particular time a member may be interacting with several other users and the message box might just be flooded with messages. In such a case the priority messaging gets the message highlighted and makes it appear at the top of the message box.


This cougar dating app for iPhone and others has millions of active members all throughout the world. Most of the members of this app are elderly women; they might or might not be single and young, energetic and attractive men both looking for some fun and casual dating without any kind of difficulties involved. Gay and lesbian dating is also common with the app. Women who have suffered from bad relationships or have been widowed are also found to be active participants.

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Cougar Life app takes full care of its members and offers great customer service. Any kind of query or problem is solved and sorted within a very short duration to cause minimal inconvenience to the members. Help is made available to the members via e-mail that works within seconds. The customer service of the app has been appreciated since always as it is a very smooth process to solve difficulties with the customer service team of the app.


The privacy policy of the Cougar Life App is a strict one. The information provided by the customers is very crucial and the app takes full care and responsibility of the same. It keeps the information well encrypted and protected, and keeps the accounts of their members safe from the spammers.

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