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Fliry Desires

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Everywhere around there are various free dating apps with hundreds of singles in the search of their special someone. Flirty Desires is one of the most admired and prevailing free cougar dating app. Cougar refers to an elderly woman looking for sexual social connection with a younger male.

This app offers two individuals carrying the same mindset, chances to bump into each other. It is a marvellous cougar dating app which is easy to use and free to install. Flirty Desires is the best app to meet cougars to chat, socialize and later develop any kind of relationship one desires. This is a free Cougar dating app for iPhone with which one can easily access the platform from their hand-held devices.



  1. User-friendly– It is very easy to use and install. Within few minutes the installation is done and even less of time has to be invested in creating an account with minimal information like date of birth, name, location and gender.
  2. Private Chat– As we say ‘A good start is half done’. It enables the user to send messages and indulge into a conversation which is completely personal. One can impress others with their communication skills and instantly set a date up.
  3. Several Filters– The app offers several filters like gender, age group and location that can be applied to get the perfect match of one’s choice.
  4. Special Parameters– It enables you to find users near your location, online at the the same time and new members which many other dating apps lack. Therefore, the search is made more accurate.
  5. Rate and Date– The flirty desire app has a special feature in the name of “Rate and Date”. With the help of this feature one can like or dislike another profile and even know about the person by going through his/her personal information.
  6. The Wink Feature– The app has a unique feature to send a naughty wink to the person you admire. Certainly, a different way to click a start.
  7. The Favorites List– Wouldn’t it be so much easy, if we could keep all are favorites listed in someplace? This is the exact desire of all that the app fulfills.
  8. The Black List– This is to block the users whom you don’t want to converse with. Their profile would be automatically blocked without any hindrance to your usage.
  9. Password Secured– The app is secured by a password of one’s choice to ensure only the access of the members.
  10.  Multiple Photos– The app lets the user upload a few pictures to accelerate the match making.
  11.  Personal Information– The users have a short section of information about self which can let the people know the basic details like profession, orientation, habits like smoking and drinking, specific location, marital status, and a casual introduction about self.
  12.  Safety Mode– This is a rare and unique feature offered by the app which totally concentrates on ensuring the safety of the user. It offers 3 modes of safety. The first mode being ‘Off’, which lets any and every member on the app to approach you. The second being ‘Basic’, which doesn’t let the suspicious members (as roped by the site safety team), approach you. The third and the last being ‘Full’, by which only the verified members of the app can approach you.

Customer Service

The Flirty Desire app offers excellent help to its customers within minutes. Users can easily resolve any kind of issues they face with the help of the customer service provided by the app. The user can be specific about the issue by selecting a department and later a subject followed by sending a written query. Any issue related to several departments like Account and Billing Management, Profile Changing, Opting out Queries, Refund Requests, Payment Problems, Photos and Features related issues or any other Technical Problems are looked after by the customer services of this cougar app.


Active Members

The active members on the app belong to a wide range of age groups. Hence, provides a platform to a wide range of users, fulfilling the desires of many. People often find it easy to connect with strangers with the same mindset and various other similarities. Therefore, users here on Flirty Desires app look for people with same kind of mentality or many times even the opposites of what they are. Many of the users here look for friendship or some possible romantic connections to follow up. Active members here are generally singles and looking for some companion either to casually date, hook-up, become friends or even seriously date each other.

Many active members often just use it as a boredom killer or a stress buster. Everywhere in the world today there are singles in all the age groups who seek to get involved into casual relationships without any strings attached. For such singles this app is the perfect place to be. This app offers a platform to not only all the age groups but also to all the various communities. It is open for lesbian and gay community as much as it is for the straight members. There have been members on the app who have been through divorces and separation.

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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of this free dating app is immensely powered and the app ensures that all the personal data of the users are kept secured from the hackers and spammers. Safety of the users is of prior importance. The messages of the users and the chats are well encrypted and safety is primarily ensured.

Flirty Desires’ privacy policy tells us about the app, special rules about children and data, steps taken to ensure the safety of data, the storage place for the data, the cookie policy, time for which the data is stored, the necessary data collected, the rights to change and entered data, the rights of the makers to make amendments to the policy and special rules formulated for the residents of California.

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