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Did you know that CougarDate is one of the apps where you will find a stylish way of meeting your potential match? It offers some of the best features for individuals looking for no-strings-attached casual dating. One of the things you will enjoy about this free cougar dating app is the friendly user interface that allows you to conveniently get what you are looking for.

You don’t have to connect to a cougar through your PC. With this cougar app, you literally have access to all your potential matches in the palm of your hands. With that, you get a hassle-free way of meeting the people around you. You can download and install this app on any iOS or Android smartphone. It serves young men and older women looking to connect with each other in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada. This is one of the free cougar dating apps that are made by SuccessfulMatch.com. For its great features, it has proved to be very popular.


There are a number of free dating apps for cougars but not all of them are made exclusively for matching male sugar babies and older women. It is premised on the idea that cougar dating is supposed to be casual and nothing else. That is why you will be able to get lots of specialized platforms to explore the fascinating world in which cougars live. For instance, this cougar app will enable you to customize your searches on the basis of your specific requirements. If there ever was a hub for online dating, CougarDate is it. The following are some of the features that make this a choice app for many people looking for love online:

  • Cougar Searches. Are you looking for an older woman dating app with some of the most dynamic databases through which you can access more people? Here, there is just no reason why you shouldn’t meet the exact person you are looking for. It could be a male sugar baby or a cougar. You can find all of them here.
  • Verified Identity. A number of people have branded some free cougar dating apps a scam. Not so for CougarDate which has an application called verified identify. There is no way you will be able to provide random information or upload random photos. You have to verify your age, education, and photo. That way, they provide the most genuine matches anywhere.
  • Emails and Winks. Online social media sites have made it possible for a variety of communication means. This older women dating app enables you to check winks and emails from other users. Who knows, one of them might just be the person you are looking for.
  • Who Viewed Me? Whichever cougar app you are using, you will be curious to know other users who viewed your photos and profile. This feature will give you a way of finding out all the individuals who have developed an interest in you. That way, you will know who to contact for a real date.
  • Live Chat. Do you have an interest in interacting with other users of this free cougar dating app in real-time? The Live Chat feature gives you an easy way to get to know people of the opposite sex before you can give them a call.
  • Uploading Pictures. Did you know that the set of photos you upload on a free cougar app can make a difference on whether you will succeed to get a match or not? This application ensures you are able to smoothly process the uploading of photos. What other users get to see are the best photos you can have.
  • Better Interactions. One of the reasons why you should download and install this free cougar dating app is to get better interactions with potential matches. With CougarDate, you can now express yourself clearly enough to be heard. If you are a cougar, this should work for you very well.


Many of the free dating apps for cougars are pocket-friendly. CougarDate doesn’t seem to be one of them. Compared to the other apps it is a way too pricier. Their tariffs are on the basis of the period for which you are making the subscription. They include the following:

  • A one-month premium membership goes for $33.99.
  • If you are going for the three-month premium subscription, you will pay $69.99.
  • The six-month gold membership will cost you $109.99.
  • For a yearly subscription, you will pay $240.79.

Your subscription will be confirmed when your iTunes account is charged. But first, you have to confirm you have made the purchase. Most subscribers opt for the auto-renewal option which ensures that you are always connected. If you want, deactivate the auto-renew system and reactivate it later. As a matter of precaution, you will not be able to cancel your subscriptions on a whim.


To find out what happens to the information you provide on this free cougar dating app, you should ensure that you read all the terms and conditions. They protect your information so that you don’t have to worry that outsiders will get to view your most intimate information. With cougar dating, your privacy is optimally protected. Of course, the users of this old woman dating app will view some of your information. Anything relating to your bank account or credit card is usually a closely-guarded secret. You don’t, therefore, have to worry about dealing with fraudsters.

Active members

Since CougarDating frequently features mature and suggestive themes, it doesn’t admit members who are under 17 years old. If you are looking for a cougar app which you can use to access millions of male sugar babies, this is that. You wouldn’t find any other app that has so many beautiful and rich ladies who are ready to hook up with handsome young men. That is what everyone is looking for in all free dating apps for cougars.

What are you looking for in a cougar app? If what you want is a quick way to get all the sugar mummies or male sugar babies you want, this is the app for you.

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