Tips For An Effective Profile On Cougar Dating App

If you are a young man, looking to date a cougar, you should get on to a cougar dating app and by that I mean the best cougar dating app you can afford. Free cougar dating apps are also fine, but you have to remember that they will have limited features and you will have to rely on the strength and power of your words to convince a sugar momma to pick you as her partner. Let us see what it takes to create an effective cougar dating profile on a cougar app.

cougar dating on apps

The nickname/username

You need to create a nickname that the average cougar will like and remember. Everyone you interact with on that app will associate that nickname with you, so it should ideally be a reflection of the person you are or what you like. If you, on the grounds of anonymity, don’t want to put up a real name, fine, just make it interesting and not gross. Mentions of sexual acts or other crass nicknames do not do well.

The tagline

This comes just below the nickname and it is a wonderful place and opportunity to get someone intrigued and check your profile. It is the place to let your creative juices flow, and come up with a truly unique one-liner that blows people away. Remember that an empty tagline also signifies a probable empty head, and a cougar would not associate herself with an airhead. If you lack in inspiration, maybe some of your favorite song lyrics can do the job for you.

The profile quality

Your profile has to be good enough to grab attention and at the same time not be a long essay. You have to remember that in this day and age, attention spans are very short, and all you have is maybe 10-15 seconds to make an impact. Your profile should be around three paragraphs long, and you can add the interesting stuff later, once you have your audience hooked.

  1. Explain what makes you adventurous instead of saying that you are adventurous. Make a mention of your favorite pub, what makes you tick, or a recent experience out of the ordinary.
  2. A list of colorful adjectives is too general. Instead, you should state what you like, why you like it and what views on life you have.
  3. You definitely do not want to talk about past flings and breakups on your profile, no matter how big or how disappointing they might have been. You’re on the app for a purpose, stick to it.

The big picture

Most of the cougar dating apps you have out there have a swiping technology to seek out matches based on the profile picture. Cougars will be on the prowl for handsome and appealing cubs. Having a blank photo will make people disinterested in your profile, no matter how exciting that may be. You do not have to be a very photogenic person. Select a picture that has you smiling and ensure that you are not underdressed. Cougars do not like cubs coming on to them strongly and suggestively, at least not on initial contact. That would make you look like a desperate young man who has not seen action in a long, long, time. Ensure that your photo shows the kind of person you generally are in real life and don’t post those mirror selfies.


This cannot be emphasized on more. Everyone touches up their profiles, but do not describe yourself as built like a quarterback, when you look like a little league coach. Your cougar date will be able to tell the difference from miles away and that is how far she is going to stay away as well. Starting any relationship with a lie is a bad idea, do not do it because it does not get you any bonus points. Being honest is always the best option, and it ensures that the cougar you attract is someone who has the same values and interests that you do. This makes for good compatibility and augers well for long-term stability in the relationship.

You can get it if you want it

If you have the firm belief that you will be able to attract sexy older women and have a good time with them, you need to follow the above basics for your profile, which will do all the initial talking for you and set the ground for dates and hookups. You should not be shy on your profile and should state your desires. If you are looking for a fling with a cougar, mention it. If you’re out there for a long-term relationship, mention that too. Confidence is extremely desirable and sexy, so do not shy away from being yourself on cougar dating apps. Also, state what kind of person you are looking for so the right matches keep coming your way and you always have a full plate of sexy cougars to feast on!

How To Seduce A Cougar On Free Cougar Dating App

Cougars are a special breed; they are confident, wealthy women who have a high sex drive and are not ashamed to get it on with boys half their age. It takes guts and gumption to do that, it must be admitted. Cougar with young man equals sparks flying in all directions. Free cougar dating is generally through a free cougar dating app. If you want to have success with cougar dating online free of cost, read on for the ride of your life.

cougar dating on apps

Create an awesome profile

This is where it all begins and it is essential that you get it right the first time around. There is no chance if you fuck it up and misrepresent yourself because cougars do not come back for seconds. Your profile is a reflection of both your personality and your looks, and this combination must be just right. You need to start with a good picture of yourself, one that people say you look great in. No matter if you spend most of your waking hours at the gym, grunting like an animal, you should refrain from posting shirtless pictures except for those pictures where you are at a pool party or a beach. It makes you appear as a narcissist to women who will not really appreciate the fact that you take off your shirt at the drop of a hat. If you really must have a shirtless picture, keep it down to just one, and supplement it with some other good pictures where you are clothed. Leave pets out of profile pictures, unless they happen to be a vicious dog. If you have to get a haircut and sort out your appearance, please do so, because you are eventually going to meet women in person.

Warming up

Online dating sites will always ask you for details like your age, height, weight and so on. Answer these questions honestly. You will also be asked if you want a relationship or a fling, and in my opinion, you should choose a relationship (you can always change your mind later on with nobody the wiser). There are however some sites which exist only for sex and nothing beyond that, and here you will not be asked too many questions.  However, if you come across as a sex maniac, I pity your chances. Yes, sure some girls are sluts, but most will not put your dick in their mouth, know what I mean? Basically, you have two options; you can pretend to be laid back, or you can let your bad boy image shine, which also has its fair share of admirers. Women do like the motorcycle riding dude in a leather jacket and boots.

Your needs/their needs

If you say that you are interested, but not in a relationship, you will tend to scare away many a cougar who will think that you are just there to fulfill your boyhood fantasies of sleeping with older women with absolutely no other emotional attachment or involvement. You have to approach cougars with the attitude that you are in for the ride and are willing to spend time with them to get to know each other better. Women respond better to men who appear to be committed. You should not bombard a potential catch with numerous messages, keep it to an introductory message and cast your net wide, pinging several cougars that catch your eye. You never know where you will get lucky.

Do not appear as desperate

If you really like a cougar and have sent her a message, wait till she gets back to you. Do not panic and keep bombarding her with an endless stream of online messages. This will make you look desperate for action and you will come across as a bit of a loser. Cougars lead busy lives and if she is interested in you, she will respond in due time.

Message quality

Most of the Cougars on online dating sites receive a huge number of messages from potential admirers, sometimes numbering into the hundreds. In order to stand out, your message must really be exceptional. The shock and awe technique has worked quite well for me in the past. Be different and original and do not hesitate to speak your mind. But certainly, do not tell her that you would like to fuck her brains out (though that has worked on occasions).

These are the basic rules of online seduction. Once you have had a chat with your cougar, try to take the relationship offline as soon as possible, because cougars can be fickle minded and you definitely would want to get in her pants before she decides to move on. Use every trick in the book and if matters come to that, let her ride you as well.