How To Make Your Account Active On Cougar Dating Apps?

We live in a digital age. These are times when technology plays a significant role in our everyday lives. It has brought great comfort and convenience on all fronts of our lives. In fact, it has completely revolutionized the way we live today. Over the years much of our thinking too has undergone significant changes. So our outlook has transformed significantly in every sphere including relationships. Gone are the days when people would stick to conventional relationships which are more acceptable socially. Thus today we have modern women in the age group of 40 years and above, often known as “Cougars”, looking to get into relationships with men considerably younger to them; often younger by 10 years or more. The result is that “Cougar dating”, has become very popular. This free cougar dating apps have gained great prominence. 

The rise of Cougar Dating

Over time often it is seen that people have always broken out of conventions. This has stood true for elderly women too. Thus women who are above 40 years might sometimes find that they are unwanted by their better half. As a result, they may feel left out and utterly frustrated. But unlike the early times when many would continue their life in silent desperation now with a major shift in thinking where many feel that everyone has the right to a perfectly happy life, many now opt for Cougar dating. Thus many elderly women now who have a modern outlook often are tired of unromantic and narrow-minded men and seek to date much younger, more active as well as adventurous men. So in case you too are in that category of slightly elderly women and seek to explore your options in terms of romance today in this modern age, it is being more accepted and something which many are indulging into. Thus you too could try out your options with the same. Let us see how to go about with the same.

The online way the easiest and most convenient

This is the age of the internet. The result is that it has dominated all of our everyday life. So whether it is communicating, shopping, banking, getting entertained or even socializing you can have everything online. Since most of the accessing of the internet nowadays happen over mobile phones and mobile devices, you now have mobile apps for almost everything. The same applies to date too. Thus today you have a large number of cougar app too.  With the huge number of people going online, this is by far the easiest and most convenient way to make your dream come true if that is what you want. In case you are not too tech savvy the good news is that you need not be a technical expert to use these dating apps. 

Steps involved in going online dating

Online dating is simple. All the dating apps have a very simple and user-friendly step by step guide to enable to achieve what you want. The good news is that you can start these for free. So the first step in regard to using cougar dating app for free is that you first need to go about with how to create a cougar dating profile. You would be happy to know that this is a very simple and convenient process which would involve filling up certain fields like your name, age, and other details. You also need to upload a nice profile picture as per the specifications. These are much like any other website where you are to fill certain data for opening an account and so on.

Apart from this, you are also needed to fill up the type of person you intend to date. Thus you need to specify the age and other details. It is advisable that you spend some quality time deciding on what to write on your profile. So always mention some things about yourself whom you make your profile on the cougar dating platform seem interesting and stand out from the rest in the same. Besides, also mention very clear terms what you expect your partner to have. This would save you a considerable amount of both time and money. After all, why spend time looking for someone who would not match what you really seek. So be very specific and clear in your mind what exactly you want.

Keeping your Cougar Dating Profile regular and active 

The other thing to be aware of is that fact that you need to keep your user profile active and regular at most times. After all, it is to be taken into account that people do change. Thus though you may be happy with your partner whom you have might get in touch sometime back through the Cougar dating site, make sure that it is also active at all times to enable you to date at any time with anyone. 

Tips For An Effective Profile On Cougar Dating App

If you are a young man, looking to date a cougar, you should get on to a cougar dating app and by that I mean the best cougar dating app you can afford. Free cougar dating apps are also fine, but you have to remember that they will have limited features and you will have to rely on the strength and power of your words to convince a sugar momma to pick you as her partner. Let us see what it takes to create an effective cougar dating profile on a cougar app.

cougar dating on apps

The nickname/username

You need to create a nickname that the average cougar will like and remember. Everyone you interact with on that app will associate that nickname with you, so it should ideally be a reflection of the person you are or what you like. If you, on the grounds of anonymity, don’t want to put up a real name, fine, just make it interesting and not gross. Mentions of sexual acts or other crass nicknames do not do well.

The tagline

This comes just below the nickname and it is a wonderful place and opportunity to get someone intrigued and check your profile. It is the place to let your creative juices flow, and come up with a truly unique one-liner that blows people away. Remember that an empty tagline also signifies a probable empty head, and a cougar would not associate herself with an airhead. If you lack in inspiration, maybe some of your favorite song lyrics can do the job for you.

The profile quality

Your profile has to be good enough to grab attention and at the same time not be a long essay. You have to remember that in this day and age, attention spans are very short, and all you have is maybe 10-15 seconds to make an impact. Your profile should be around three paragraphs long, and you can add the interesting stuff later, once you have your audience hooked.

  1. Explain what makes you adventurous instead of saying that you are adventurous. Make a mention of your favorite pub, what makes you tick, or a recent experience out of the ordinary.
  2. A list of colorful adjectives is too general. Instead, you should state what you like, why you like it and what views on life you have.
  3. You definitely do not want to talk about past flings and breakups on your profile, no matter how big or how disappointing they might have been. You’re on the app for a purpose, stick to it.

The big picture

Most of the cougar dating apps you have out there have a swiping technology to seek out matches based on the profile picture. Cougars will be on the prowl for handsome and appealing cubs. Having a blank photo will make people disinterested in your profile, no matter how exciting that may be. You do not have to be a very photogenic person. Select a picture that has you smiling and ensure that you are not underdressed. Cougars do not like cubs coming on to them strongly and suggestively, at least not on initial contact. That would make you look like a desperate young man who has not seen action in a long, long, time. Ensure that your photo shows the kind of person you generally are in real life and don’t post those mirror selfies.


This cannot be emphasized on more. Everyone touches up their profiles, but do not describe yourself as built like a quarterback, when you look like a little league coach. Your cougar date will be able to tell the difference from miles away and that is how far she is going to stay away as well. Starting any relationship with a lie is a bad idea, do not do it because it does not get you any bonus points. Being honest is always the best option, and it ensures that the cougar you attract is someone who has the same values and interests that you do. This makes for good compatibility and augers well for long-term stability in the relationship.

You can get it if you want it

If you have the firm belief that you will be able to attract sexy older women and have a good time with them, you need to follow the above basics for your profile, which will do all the initial talking for you and set the ground for dates and hookups. You should not be shy on your profile and should state your desires. If you are looking for a fling with a cougar, mention it. If you’re out there for a long-term relationship, mention that too. Confidence is extremely desirable and sexy, so do not shy away from being yourself on cougar dating apps. Also, state what kind of person you are looking for so the right matches keep coming your way and you always have a full plate of sexy cougars to feast on!

How To Succeed On Cougar Dating App?

a hot cougar on the beach

Are you a young man seeking to date a sugar momma? Or an elderly woman seeking to get into a relationship with a younger man, whatever be your need you must know that Cougar dating may be tricky at times. What you also need to realize is that dating with the help of Cougar dating apps or other virtual apps is different from actual dating or meeting the woman in person. So that is why if you are new to any type of Cougar dating then the following are certain important tips to help your cause. These are what would help you with cougar dating online and make the most of your Cougar app.

For dating older Women

As a young guy having the fantasy of dating an older woman you need to realize that older women are often very smart and intelligent. So they may not be totally desperate about the cougar date. So in order to draw the attention of these smart elder women you need to a personality that should be able to impress them. Besides, you must also be effective enough to convey across the same to your intended partner. This is why even if you are using sites which free cougar dating make sure that you make the most of your profile. This is what would easily grab the attention of the other older women on the site and thus the better chances of you finding your right date.   

Women hate self-obsessed men

As a young man who seeks a cougar dating, you need to understand the way women think and what they like and what they don’t. So you need to cut down on the things which they do not like and add on the things which they do. This is why you should realize up front that older women hate self-obsessed men who are obsessed with their looks and intelligence. This is what can put them off immediately. On the contrary, it is best that you give importance to her being, her achievements and ask her what she likes. This is a great way of conveying to her that you are a very caring person and once in the relationship you would for sure take good care of her. You need to realize that most women like caring men. So you need to act in a way which shows that you genuinely care for her.

Thinking Out of the Box helps

When you speak of Cougar dating it is something which is somewhat unconventional. So Cougars are ones who generally think and act a bit differently. This is why the typical conventional thinking is not something which goes too well with your intended partner. It is therefore important that you think a bit unconventionally. So out of the box thinking is something which can generate some excitement and add spice to your partner’s life. This is why it is always recommended at times of cougar dating to have come out of the box thinking.

Learn and grow from your experiences

When it comes to cougar dating, it is not something that you act by the rule book. Experience is such a type of dating is what the best teachers. However, when you are into such a relationship, you would have some unforeseen experience come up always. How you react and deal with them is what is critical. It may not be possible for you to act in the perfect way always. However in such cases even if you make mistakes, make sure you learn from them and never repeat them in the future. In the process, you would actually grow in dealing with the numerous situations which might arise in case of Cougar dating.

Go through the terms and conditions carefully

While using Cougar apps always make sure that you thoroughly read the instructions. Apart from this always make it a habit to read the terms and conditions mentioned for each of the dating services which may be offered. It is often seen that many may make blunders for not having gone through the terms and conditions of using the apps. It is true that it may involve devoting some quality time. But investing the time is worth it. After all, you must know that reading the terms and conditions you can save yourself from getting harassed in the future.

Use only Cougar Apps which are reliable

For getting successful on the cougar dating app it is of utmost importance that you use the one which is the most reliable. So devote some quality time to the same. This is what can ensure that you have a hassle free time while you have the cougar dating.

We are hopeful that the steps mentioned above can help ensure that you make the most of the Cougar dating apps.