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Online dating is becoming renowned with a great rapidity. For almost all the communities, sections and age groups of individuals, free dating apps are just a few clicks away. Free cougar dating apps are much in popularity these days. Cougars are women interested in developing sexual relationships with men younger to them. This desire of the elderly is best fulfilled by free cougar dating.

HookupsFinder is one of the best platforms for individuals looking for casual dating, individuals looking out for similar kinds to hang out with, for hook ups, or even for long term serious relationships. Millions of single men and women use this platform to find like-minded individuals to stick around with and get their desires fulfilled. 

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1. Covenient and Easy to Use- Hookups Finder is an extremely user friendly application. Anyone can easily get the app installed and an account can be quickly made by just entering a couple of details like the birth date, e-mail id and gender. One need not be a technical savvy to use this app which makes it a unique one.

2. Choose Your Own Username– Don’t you wish to reveal your name? Do you like playing anonymous? Then here your hunt ends. HookupsFinder is the place for you to be. It gives one the liberty to choose a user name that they wish instead of their real name.

3. The Advanced Parameters– The dating app offers three advanced parameters to its users that enable their searches and match making to be much more accurate. These advanced parameters are types of filters that one may apply to get the best desired results. Let’s know them better:

  • Near Me– By applying this special parameter the app would search only the nearly located members. For the members looking to fix up an immediate date this parameter is one of the best choices. 
  • Online Now– By applying this special parameter the app filters the online members and one can be sure of an instant reply from others. Hence, no place for disappointments.
  • New Members– None of the old profiles interest you anymore? Here is the special filter feature for all those looking for new members to interact with. This feature filters all the new profiles and gives a fresh start to the user.

4. The Filter Option– The cougar app offers a lot of filter options that saves time and enables one to find a perfect match within minutes. Let’s take a brief look at the options:-

  • Age– Enables you to set a range of age that would be useful to track down the matching profiles.
  • Gender- This feature fixes up the gender to filter your search.
  • Location– One can change the location whenever traveling and still use the free cougar app conveniently by using the location parameter. By this filter, the profiles of a particular location can be looked for.

5. The Safe mode– The app pays most priority to its members and their safety. One of the most important features of the app is the safe mode feature. It ensures the safety of the users and ensures that the members are safe and secure from the unsafe or spam profiles.

  • The ‘Off’ Mode– The off safety mode let’s all the members of the app to approach you without any hindrance.
  • The Basic Mode– The basic mode enables all the members to approach you except those who are held suspicious by the site safety team.
  • Full Safety Mode– This mode provides the maximum safety to the members as they can only be contacted by the verified members of the app.

6. Multiple profile viewing  Running short of time and want to view multiple profiles simultaneously? HookupsFinder helps you to view multiple profiles at the same time to make your hunt quicker.

7. The Cool Wink Feature– An extremely cool feature that helps to kick start the conversation in the best way possible. This is the online wink feature by which you can wink at the other members with just a click.

8. Messages– What to do next once you find the profile of your desire? You can instantly send a message across and save yourself from losing the golden chance and kick-start a conversation and the rest may follow.

9. The Basic Information to Match Better– One always tends to look for people they can relate to in any and every way possible. By putting up self’s basic information one can increase the chances of getting a quick match. The basic introductory information plays a crucial role in looking for a match that suits you best.

10. Get to Know The Online Members– Unlike many other dating apps, HookupsFinder has a provision to let one know if the other members are online or not by just a green circular logo.

11. Upload Pictures– The app has the feature that enables you to upload pictures and let the members know how your appearance is. Appearance adds on to one’s personality a lot, therefore, increases your chances to find a match soon.

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Being the best app to meet cougars, HookupsFinder has active members from all around the world. Most of the members here are singles finding themselves a suiting match for various kinds of relationships, from casual to serious.


HookupsFinder pays utmost importance to its customers and their wellbeing. Any and every query that the customer faces is resolved within minutes by the customer service team. To provide more convenience at this the helping departments have been established for the user. The departments are named as Account and Billing Department, Profile Changing and Opt Out Department, Features, and Photos related issues and Technical Department. Post the selection of the department a particular subject can be chosen. 

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The cougar dating app for iPhone and others is a free app for the users but it provides several interesting additional features to the paid members. It adds on to boost your profile and customizes it. These services are called the Premium Services that can be subscribed to enjoy the additional benefits. The modes to pay for the subscription are easy and can be done via using debit and credit cards.

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